We’re Simplifying the Process of Going Solar

Going solar can be a grueling process. Our mission is to use data to help make that process easier.

People have to answer a lot of tough questions when going solar:

  • Does solar make financial sense for me?
  • Should I lease or purchase my system?
  • Am I getting a fair deal?
  • Am I selecting a reputable contractor?

These questions can all be answered with data. Sadly, this data is scattered across the web and is often difficult to analyze and interpret.
That’s where SolarIQ comes in.

We’re speeding up solar adoption

Millions of people do not go solar simply because the decision and buying process is too complicated. That’s a big problem, and we think we can fix it.

Consumers armed with the right information will be more likely to purchase solar energy and will also move through the buying process more quickly. This results in lower lead acquisition costs, more installations, and a healthier planet.

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